Lyle have a great tenuous experience of their twin Miss Parker, forged because of the proof of the siblingship

Robert «Bobby» Bowman (constantly referred to as Mr. Lyle) the most relevant antagonists for the Pretender tv show. Mr. Lyle, that is portrayed from the American actor Jamie Denton, produced 1st appearance into next season premier, Back About Lifeless Again.

Overview [ ]

Into the Straight back In the Inactive Once more, the episode and he is actually delivered, Mr. Lyle is actually addressed due to the fact an choice to Mr. Parker, that has misteriously disappeared within the pit ranging from Year step 1 and you can 2. Miss Parker match Lyle the very first time in her own dad’s workplace, in which she’s also made available to Brigitte, another Vacuum. He and you may Brigitte was indeed purportedly rented from the Centre to greatly help hook Jarod from the mitigating Skip Parker’s team’s inefficiency.

Later at that occurrence, Miss Parker, Sydney and you can Broots come across an excellent videotape which ultimately shows Mr. Lyle and Mr. Raines to one another creating a cruel nonconsensual experiment with Jarod, hence comprised for the using subject’s lives only to rapidly resurrect your. After seeing they, Skip Parker check outs Raines and you may attempts to push him to inform more info on whom Mr. Lyle actually is, to which Raines hesitantly answers: «a beneficial boogeyman».

Within the Bloodlines, next season finale, just after research the latest bloodstream of some people from the fresh Purple Records, Jarod finishes one to Mr. Lyle is just one of the it is possible to candidates for being Miss Parker’s twin brother. Lyle is apparently outlined on eighth purple document, which is also from the Skip Parker.

After se sidan, Crazy (the third seasons top-quality) reveals that Mr. Lyle is really so Miss Parker’s twin. He had been broke up off their moms and dads at birth by the Mr. Raines, who added these to faith the little one is stillborn. Raines next changed Lyle when you look at the a great promote domestic, where in fact the child gotten the name «Bobby Bowman». 12 months dos episode Freeze had already revealed some specifics of just how Bobby’s life for the Bowmans had previously been. Their abusive adoptive dad, whoever first-name are Lyle, are one of Bobby’s inspirations which will make the fresh «Mr. Lyle» image.

As revealed from inside the Freeze, Raines reentered Bobby’s life following the boy became fifteen and you may decided to invest much more about day with Bobby, influencing him in ways you to brought about his decisions so you’re able to radically alter. His conclusion (or even identification) altered so much immediately after appointment Raines you to their adoptive mothers experimented with so you can punish your numerous times. His dad, just who pushed Bobby to mention your «Mr. Lyle», manage set Bobby when you look at the a missing the same size because the a jail mobile. not, Martha Bowman (Bobby’s adoptive mother) is the woman just who advised Miss Parker and you may Sidney from the. Because Mrs. Bowman demonstrated proof of not-being totally sane (she are seen screaming and you will looking to feed animals which were maybe not around), it is possible you to particular areas of so it story are not genuine.

History [ ]

Mr. Lyle’s records for the Middle is somewhat murky. Despite his bloodstream connections toward Parker nearest and dearest, as he was put, it was not since the a great Parker, in which he was given control seemingly over Skip Parker’s party, and this this new dislike you to definitely immediately flared among them. Skip Parker are tend to motivated so you can combat Lyle from the delivering him with the wild goose chases (Flesh and you will Bloodstream – Miss Parker: «Dancing, puppet dancing!») or simply not telling him regarding advances as he had asked your. In certain periods, it seemed Mr. Parker got an excellent fear-induced respect to own your. After no matter if, Mr. Raines and Mr. Parker would spot to locate Lyle in big trouble which is exactly how he shed his thumb. (Episode: Earlier Sim)

Mr. Lyle is pure worst essentially. This is simply not recognized why, other than probably Raines got a great deal to perform which have it. He attempted to kill Jarod (Right back Regarding Inactive Once again) and possess tried to blow up one another Miss Parker and you can Jarod, and there’s proof the guy slain a lot of people just who were within a center place of work in which the guy stole necessary information and made an effort to sell it to your high buyer. He’s also been accused out of cannibalism, and you will destroying numerous Western women. They certainly were maybe mail order brides (People to Trust). Guys! Buying feminine such as for example they were snowfall wheels. (Skip Parker) Family members The paternal parentage away from Mr. Lyle as well try Skip Parker is the topic from discussion. He is Miss Parker’s twin, that are specific, and this in addition to a cousin off Ethan, Jarod’s 50 % of-aunt.

Relationship [ ]

Mr. He’s a separate relationship with Brigitte which causes much speculation into the paternity from their particular child, Child Parker having an obviously infertile Mr. Parker.

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