Johnny sits regarding kitchen, waiting for Bunny while making break fast

Bottom line [ ]

However,, Bunny informs him that this woman is later for their particular boxing classification, and you may tells your to track down a bowl of cereal having himself. Johnny concerns that he will not to able to «cook» so it meal, but Bunny reassures your and you will will leave. Johnny will get a package of Frosted Sugar Parts regarding closet, then pours the complete box’s information towards a bowl having milk. He starts restaurants, but ends as he bites towards good VHS tape that was in the stack out-of cereal. He takes on this new tape, and is revealed a post to own to have a post-buy bride to be solution. This service membership pledges a lady from another country will come and you can «all the way down her conditions just for him.» Johnny dials the number, and you can orders a companion, who can get to 6 weeks. Johnny a doll to successfully pass enough time.

six weeks afterwards, this new doorbell bands. Johnny establishes the new doll down and you can responses. A shipment people can there be that have a large red present box. Johnny provides the container inside and you may reveals they. If container opens, they are welcomed from the a giant, redheaded woman having an excellent vaguely European highlight. She hugs your and brings up by herself since Helga, adding one this woman is ready to end up being their girlfriend. Johnny try confused and you will repulsed because of the their unique size and you will strength, and you may seeks bringing their particular to go away. Helga tries to kiss him, however they are disturbed by Carl. Carl thinks Helga was gorgeous, yet still tells Johnny he dropped by when planning on taking him in order to a material cage grappling suits. Johnny brings Carl out, and you may requires how he can build Helga log off your by yourself. Carl means taking Helga into the a horrible time, including Johnny has a tendency to would having feminine usually. Johnny snatches the latest wrestling seats away from Carl, after that shoves your out. The guy converts so you’re able to Helga and you will states it’s the perfect time so they can time, and this Helga is also prepared to would.

Later on, at the wrestling arena, the fresh new referee declares that audience involvement suits is just about to begin. The guy needs a set of audience professionals to fight the fresh mark party champions. During this time, Johnny has been conversing with Helga, proclaiming that the guy usually goes to loud, ridiculous occurrences such as this enjoyment each and every day. This won’t encourage Helga to go away. In reality, she believes she and you will Johnny may take on wrestlers and you will win this new honor. She drags Johnny with the band. She spends Johnny because the a weapon, batting and you will pummeling this new wrestlers. At some point, Helga and you may Johnny profit, but Johnny can be beaten up since the most other cluster. Helga says she got fun, and you may asks where they go next.

Johnny brings their particular to help you Pop’s Moonlight Palace. They are astonished locate you to Helga has your food. She likens they so you can food away from their house country. Dad guides off to the desk and will be offering a different buy regarding raccoon nuggets. Then provides them with a bottle regarding clam fruit juice, pointing out you to definitely Carl covered they. Carl sits on club, and you may waves so you can Helga, exactly who surf straight back. Johnny will get crazy and you will would go to Carl, asking as to why they are trying deal Helga. Carl claims Johnny failed to eg their unique at the beginning of the fresh date. Johnny then understands that they are beginning to be seduced by Helga, proclaiming that she is not necessarily the prettiest girl he is satisfied, but they keeps a great deal in keeping. He chooses to give their unique the brand new «Johnny Bravo charm.»

The guy guides straight back out to Helga, and you can starts bending and you may spouting see-up lines on their. Helga is perplexed, claiming he or she is talking in love. Johnny continues, proclaiming that he hopes brand new students bring after him. The guy attempts to hug their, but Helga attacks your with the lead, contacting your a great «pig.» She states she regrets liking Johnny in the first place. After that, she departs the newest diner with Carl, just who looks positively pretty happy. Johnny is heartbroken within dropping his international girlfriend, however, quickly will get over it as he notices new plate of raccoon nuggets and you may starts dining all of them.

Trivia [ ]

  • The fresh new birth guy regarding event was a great caricature Г¶nemli kГ¶prГј off profile developer Dexter Smith. The guy tailored themselves and you may Helga, whom the guy brings to Johnny. His reputation was spoken because of the Tom Kenny.
  • Even with becoming referred since the Swedish during the occurrence descriptions, Helga is much like characters such Rolf out-of Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy and you can refers to herself due to the fact a great «lady of indeterminate nation».
  • If you find yourself are wrestled on Latin Spanish dub, Johnny can make an excellent «next wall surface breaking» plea, about converting so you’re able to «Beyond the lips that we create dubbing!»

Episode Associations [ ]

  • Steele Cage Wrestling makes a profit when you look at the «Jurassic Dork», where Bunny observe a fit on television.
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